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    Hi there and welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by! Here you will find recent photos of my fabulous clients, and probably some of my kids too. Ok, well I try to keep the kids to a minimum, but sometimes I can't resist.
    I love photographing people, whether it is an important event like a wedding, or just everyday family life. I like to think of my camera as a little magic box with which I can capture memories so you can hold onto them for always.
    Hope you will stay awhile, relax, and enjoy!

Catie and Bob Wedding | Roth Estate, Nevada City

Catie and Bob made their family (lots of pictures of their handsome little guy Aiden below) “official” a few weeks ago when they were wed at the Roth Estate in Nevada City.  The day featured wedding details that emphasized the natural world, with lots of vibrant colors and natural elements.  Wedding colors boasted fiery oranges and deep blues and dinner was an amazing hand pressed Taco Bar buffet by Feast & Gather that was spicy, delicious and so colorful.  Tables were labeled with names of shrubs, vines or flowers, such as hops or yerba santa, and place settings were carved out of wood.  Natural elements also were part of the ceremony as friends and family passed their wedding blessings on to blue water vases as they approached the ceremony site. These wedding blessings, carried by the water, were then passed on to Catie and Bob as they took a sip during the ceremony.

The ceremony, to me, also emphasized the continuity of life.  Bob, being a very crafty guy, built an amazing wooden circular platform that served as the basis for a ceremony in the round.  The wedding party and ultimately Catie and Bob circled the platform several times at the start of the ceremony.   Catie and Bob spoke their beautiful and moving, scroll written vows to each other on the platform, turning a half circle every so often until finally completing the circle with a song that they serenaded the wedding guests with.  It was a truly amazing day!

Congratulations Catie and Bob!  One more wedding blessing for you both…

“May your joys be as bright as the morning, your years of happiness as numerous as the stars in the heavens, and your troubles but shadows that fade in the sunlight of love.”

–Old English Blessing


01_Catie_Wedding_Day_G_Aronow_Photography02_Fall_Wedding_colors_photo03_catie_bob_before_wedding04_wedding_blessings05_Roth_Estate_Wedding_Nevada City06_wedding_in_the_round07_bride_groom08_catie_bob_wedded_happiness09_catie_bob_with_Aiden10_Roth_Estate_Party_Pad11_Feast_and_Gather_Taco_Bar12_Wedding_Guests_Group_Photo13_marriage_and_laughter_forever

Julie + Terry Wedding | Nevada City

Julie and Terry share a love of the outdoors.  When they started looking at wedding venues over a year ago, they couldn’t quite find the right place.  As they spend much of their time working on their home which sits on several acres filled with tall pines, fir and cedar trees, they thought why not get married there?  So friends and family were invited to a “Wedding in the Woods” on summer solstice this past June.  Guests had to take a short walk through the woods to get to the wedding site, but then arrived at a gorgeous spot that had been specially prepared for the ceremony and reception.  Julie absolutely radiated happiness.  Her son and daughter accompanied her down the isle, serenaded by the sound of folk and cajun music played by friends Luke, Maggie, and Murray of Beaucoup Chapeaux.  A beaming Terry waited (it was a good walk from the house to the woods:)) for his beautiful bride!  Dinner followed, catered by LJ Catering featuring BBQ and lots of salads.  While I didn’t stick around much past the start of dinner, I am sure it was rocking party!

Congratulations to you both Julie and Terry!  I wish you only happiness on your new adventures in Southern Califorina!


Kerstin + Tobin Wedding | Nevada City

Kerstin and Tobin are ambitious and what a team!  Not only did they decide to plan a wedding at their home in Nevada City, but they also had to renovate their newly purchased house and transform their outside landscape.    Tobin, an architect, has designed three phases of improvements to the house.  This was phase one.  Truly amazing to see the progress.  When I first met Kerstin in January, the house was nearly gutted, but by the date of the wedding, June 1st, the house was transformed.  It was down to the wire, e.g., the kitchen appliances went in the day before the wedding, but it seemed to all work, and the outside was all decked out for a beautiful wedding.  And what a lovely wedding it was.  The wedding ceremony was held on their new lawn and the reception under a sparkly white tent.  Art in Bloom, created an amazing array of green and purple flower arrangements to adorn the tables and a scrumptious three course meal was served by Farm to Table Catering.  Each course was paired with a specific wine for that sublime fine dining experience.

I have to say, I was a little nervous that Kerstin and Tobin would be a wee bit stressed out the day of the wedding given all the effort to transform their house in time for the ceremony.  I mean who wouldn’t be right?  But they were so relaxed and I think happy that the day had finally come.  Kerstin was getting her hair done as I arrived at her now sister-in-law, Teri’s house across the street.  Teri, a world renowned hair artist, styled everyone’s hair in her sweet in-home salon.  Kerstin, an esthetician, and did her own makeup and the makeup for her twin sisters, which she said is how she relaxes :).  The whole day was spectacular and it was awesome to see Kerstin and Tobin so happy and their new life together off to a great start!  Congratulations!!!

Alex & Dylan Wedding | San Francisco

Alex and Dylan married on a warm, gorgeous Saturday afternoon at Dolores Park in San Francisco.  It was such a lovely warm day (which is somewhat rare in SF) that it seemed to draw everyone within a square mile to the park to sunbathe and recreate.  So Alex and Dylan got married with lots of random bystanders cheering them on!  Family and friends were there too of course.  They staked out a grassy circle for hours prior to the wedding, to make sure Alex and Dylan actually had a place to hold the ceremony.  The lawn being prime sunbathing area after all.  After the ceremony and a few cocktails in the park, Alex and Dylan and the wedding guests walked a few blocks to Farina, where everyone enjoyed appetizers and refreshements on the restaurants’ open air roof top.  Dinner followed later in the evening.  It was a spectacular day, so full of the energy that comes with a big city .  Congratulations!!!


A lovely lunch spread was enjoyed at Alex and Dylan’s house before the ceremony.

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Leah + Jeff Wedding | Grass Valley

Jeff and Leah met through a church group that went hiking often, something they both enjoy doing.  On one rainy outing, Leah had made M&M cookies to bring along as a snack.  She sent the extras home with Jeff, and when he couldn’t tell the difference between Leah’s cookies and his Mom’s cookies, Jeff decided that Leah was the girl for him :) So naturally, the M&M cookies were the favor at Leah and Jeff’s wedding.  The wedding was held at the First Baptist Church in Grass Valley at 11 am on May 3rd.  The wedding details were a bit retro with bright daisies, polka dot dresses (which Leah made herself!) and bow ties, and a sweet italian soda bar for the guests.  I think one of the highlights of the day  for everyone was the bouquet and garter “toss.”  Leah and Jeff had all the single girls and then all the single guys duke it out via an arm wrestling contest!  Hilarious!!!  Loved it.

Congrats Leah and Jeff!  May there be much love and happiness, and many many more cookies in your life together!


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