Alex and Dylan married on a warm, gorgeous Saturday afternoon at Dolores Park in San Francisco.  It was such a lovely warm day (which is somewhat rare in SF) that it seemed to draw everyone within a square mile to the park to sunbathe and recreate.  So Alex and Dylan got married with lots of random bystanders cheering them on!  Family and friends were there too of course.  They staked out a grassy circle for hours prior to the wedding, to make sure Alex and Dylan actually had a place to hold the ceremony.  The lawn being prime sunbathing area after all.  After the ceremony and a few cocktails in the park, Alex and Dylan and the wedding guests walked a few blocks to Farina, where everyone enjoyed appetizers and refreshements on the restaurants’ open air roof top.  Dinner followed later in the evening.  It was a spectacular day, so full of the energy that comes with a big city .  Congratulations!!!


A lovely lunch spread was enjoyed at Alex and Dylan’s house before the ceremony.

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Jeff and Leah met through a church group that went hiking often, something they both enjoy doing.  On one rainy outing, Leah had made M&M cookies to bring along as a snack.  She sent the extras home with Jeff, and when he couldn’t tell the difference between Leah’s cookies and his Mom’s cookies, Jeff decided that Leah was the girl for him 

 So naturally, the M&M cookies were the favor at Leah and Jeff’s wedding.  The wedding was held at the First Baptist Church in Grass Valley at 11 am on May 3rd.  The wedding details were a bit retro with bright daisies, polka dot dresses (which Leah made herself!) and bow ties, and a sweet italian soda bar for the guests.  I think one of the highlights of the day  for everyone was the bouquet and garter “toss.”  Leah and Jeff had all the single girls and then all the single guys duke it out via an arm wrestling contest!  Hilarious!!!  Loved it.

Congrats Leah and Jeff!  May there be much love and happiness, and many many more cookies in your life together!


Carianne and Adam got married on a gorgeous Saturday, April 12th, at the North Columbia Schoolhouse.  It could have so easily been a rainy Saturday given the time of year, but instead it just sparkled and the outdoor ceremony was warm with the hint of summer around the corner.   The other thing that sparkled was Carianne’s smile. Her smile was never far away and not to mention, she looked absolutely radiant in her wedding gown.  Both Carianne and Adam were so happy and seemed to so enjoy having all their friends and family close by, some of which travelled quite far.  Carianne’s sister, for example, made the trip with her boys from Germany and brought a special gift that is traditional at German weddings, a toasting cup from which the Bride and Groom must drink at the same time.  Carianne and Adam did just that and as a result I am sure that the the wedding gods will bless them with much happiness and love for always






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Leah and Jeff’s eyes sparkle when they are around each other.  I think Jeff may have been a wee bit nervous for this engagement session, but Leah’s presence so clearly puts him at ease.  Which was great, because we had a lot of fun walking around Nevada City finding cool places to take photos of these love birds.   They are so excited to be getting married this May and I am excited for them!


Do you remember Baby Nathan? Well he is a big 2 year old now and is set to be a big brother come this March.  With Bethany’s due date around the corner, I thought I should share these lovely maternity/family photos.  These were taken on a bright crisp Sunday morning in the begining of February.  Little Nathan was all smiles to my delight

 We combined family photos with the maternity session and even got Grandma and Grandpa into the fun!  Looking forward to photographing baby number 2 when she arrives!  Stay tuned…