This gorgeous guy is my nephew Ocean and he is graduating from high school this year.  Wow, how is that possible.  I won’t go into how old it makes me feel.  He is a great kid and it was fun to do these portraits for him.  My friend and sometimes partner Marion, of Marion Charlotte Photography, joined me on this photo shoot and together we were able to capture some great photos of him on the beach and around the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  The last I heard Ocean wants to be a fire fighter.  Hope you go for it Ocean!!! xoxo

Lori and Long were married a few weeks ago in a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony.  It was an all day affair full of ritual, family, and happiness.  Lori and bridesmaids started preparations around 5 in the morning at Lori’s mom’s house.  From there they walked down the street to her Grandmother’s house for the first Tea Ceremony with Lori’s family.  However, before it could start, Long had to prove he was worthy of Lori to her ladies by successfully completing questions and riddles.  He did eventually do it

 After the first Tea Ceremony, everyone went to Long’s house for the second Tea Ceremony with and to honor Long’s family.  Lori and Long both have large families.  The wedding reception, which was held in the evening at a Chinese restaurant, welcomed and fed 500 guests.  I was totally impressed!

The highlight of the day for me was the opportunity to have a couple of hours to photograph the bride, groom and wedding party at Capital Park in Sacramento.  I so rarely get the luxury of time when doing bridal party portraits.  I think I shared a few more pictures than I normally would, but as I mentioned it was an all day affair!

Lori and Long, congratulations!  A chinese poem for you:

“Wish that you two
May you respect each other like honored guests.
May you always see heart to heart.
May fragrant flowers bloom and full moon shine over your life together.
May your joy and happiness be forevermore.”

~Author Unknown


It is my busy time of year.  Family portrait season.  I love it.  A week or two after the family photo session I meet with the client and show them the portraits.  While I think this is so helpful for clients (so they have told me) it does slow down my blogging.  So here are some favorite portraits that I didn’t share last fall.  


Family Portraits 2012

So excited to finally share some more photos from Isaac and Gillian’s beautiful wedding.  They were married earlier this month at the Roth Estate just outside Nevada City.  The wedding featured shades of purple, yellow, and pink… Gillian’s mom arranged the flowers, which were so lovely.  Isaac’s mom officiated the wedding.  Gillian looked amazing in her strapless wedding gown.  Amazing!  Isaac is never without a baseball cap, but he stepped it up for the wedding with a new fedora hat.


Gillian and Isaac, you are so clearly meant  to be together.  Isaac I hope your humorous, playful nature will keep Gillian’s beautiful smile and laughter ever present!  Joy and happiness to you always!

Here are some of my favorite engagement portraits of Gillian and Isaac that were taken about a week before their wedding.  Yes, a bit close to the big day, but we still had portraits to display!   I am getting close to sharing the wedding photos here on the blog, but didn’t want to miss the chance to also post these great pictures all taken in Nevada City.  Isaac kept Gillian and I laughing throughout the session…  so much fun!  Love these pics and this couple!  Their wedding was a blast… stay tuned for those!