Woo Hoo.  So glad it is Friday, and not just any Friday, Film Fest Friday.  I volunteer as the treasurer for a phenomenal environmental organization based out of Nevada City, the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL).  SYRCL’s mission statement:

“SYRCL unites the community to protect and restore the Yuba River.  Motivated by our love for this watershed, we advocate powerfully, engage in active stewardship, educate the public, and inspire activism from the Sierra to the sea”

This weekend is the 11th Annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival, which is taking place tonight through Sunday in Nevada City and Grass Valley.  I am always soooo inspired after the Film Fest to make changes in my lifestyle, even if small, to help make a difference for our planet and environment.  Like using less plastic, remembering my reusable bags when I go grocery shopping, conserving water, eating locally grown food whenever possible, etc. etc.  The little changes to our lives do make a difference.  I am convinced.  So go get inspired and watch some amazing films this weekend!

I thought I would share the portrait I did for the 2013 Wild and Scenic Film Fest Team and the program,…they are truly amazing people!!!

I also took some fun portraits for my friend Erin this week while she was taking pictures for Treats (a super yummy ice cream and treats store in Nev. City)…  Erin is giving a lunch talk next Tuesday at Sierra Commons on Blogging.  I am excited to go be a part of it!  I know I can certainly use more info on blogging.  She is a blogging queen! To find out more, visit the Outside Inn’s Blog.

Happy Friday y’all!!!

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Just before Christmas, I met Natasha and Eric, and their seven month old baby Leif, for a portrait session at their home outside of Nevada City.  They have a cute little cabin and it was all warm and toasty inside.  We had actually tried to get together the week earlier, but torrential downpours and loss of electricity forced moving the date back.  The day we did meet was actually quite lovely, and we were able to brave the cold, even with little Leif, for a short bit to also get some natural light portraits.

Leif is clearly a happy baby.  At first though, he wasn’t too sure of me…  what was I doing there with all this stuff?  But getting a little goofy, and even trying to sing (which I do rather poorly) seemed to do the trick and we were able to get a few smiles


So here are some of the favorites from the day (a mixed photo session, part studio, part outdoors/natural light):

Have I mentioned before how I love black and white portraits


I am constantly learning about photography.  I think it is one of the reasons I am so drawn to it.  There is always more to learn.  Ways to be better at this craft.  I learned a new feature on my Canon DSLR the other day that I think is pretty cool.  Set your camera (assuming it has this capability) to capture both RAW and JPEG files.  Then change the JPEG profile to black and white.  Then when I take a picture it captures two photos, one in color (RAW) and one in black and white (JPEG).

Yes, I know I can convert my RAW photos into black and white in Lightroom or Photoshop, or my favorite black and white software, NIK Silver Efex Pro.  I do this often, as I love black and white photography.  However, using this cool function when I am shooting, gives me real time information about my photos in black and white (via the screen on the back of my camera).  I can focus on getting better black and white photos.  Plus, saves a step in the post processing stage.

Here is a picture of Zoey that I took using this sweet feature, and edited only in iPhoto:


For more information about RAW vs. JPEG file types, check out SLR Lounges’ Blog Post:  RAW vs JPEG (JPG)

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I have been super busy with family portraits, after all “Tis the Season”!  I encouraged my clients to book early this year to take advantage of the beautiful autumn weather and colors.  The Sagebiels did just that.  These portraits were taken at their home in Nevada City, which was surrounded by beautiful trees with fall colors.  But really, what is MORE important than the backdrop, are the subjects.  That is the focus.  The real reason for the photographs.  The Sagebiels were awesome to work with.  I loved capturing these intimate moments for them.  Their daughter is growing up so fast.  All children do, don’t they.  But they will have these moments, these portraits to remember the now, the present.

Kim is an author (Kim Culbertson) and also wanted to have some new headshot portraits for her work…  lovely


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Do you ever go to Old Sacramento over the holidays?  It is so festive.  There are Christmas trees all over and it just generally seems to put you in the holiday mood!

Also, a great spot for family portraits this time of year.  The portraits below are from a recent session with my cousin Doug and his wife Gayle and their kids, all grown up now.  Doug’s son, David, is enlisted and currently stationed back east.  However, he was on leave for 10 days and he and his wife Sarra came to California for  Thanksgiving.  David is about to get shipped off for a tour in Afghanistan very soon.  So everyone was so happy that he could come home.  It was awesome to see him and meet his new wife.

Gayle and Doug, hope you all had a rockin Thanksgiving!  hugs, G