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    Hi there and welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by! Here you will find recent photos of my fabulous clients, and probably some of my kids too. Ok, well I try to keep the kids to a minimum, but sometimes I can't resist.
    I love photographing people, whether it is an important event like a wedding, or just everyday family life. I like to think of my camera as a little magic box with which I can capture memories so you can hold onto them for always.
    Hope you will stay awhile, relax, and enjoy!

Carianne and Adam Wedding | North San Juan

Carianne and Adam got married on a gorgeous Saturday, April 12th, at the North Columbia Schoolhouse.  It could have so easily been a rainy Saturday given the time of year, but instead it just sparkled and the outdoor ceremony was warm with the hint of summer around the corner.   The other thing that sparkled was Carianne’s smile. Her smile was never far away and not to mention, she looked absolutely radiant in her wedding gown.  Both Carianne and Adam were so happy and seemed to so enjoy having all their friends and family close by, some of which travelled quite far.  Carianne’s sister, for example, made the trip with her boys from Germany and brought a special gift that is traditional at German weddings, a toasting cup from which the Bride and Groom must drink at the same time.  Carianne and Adam did just that and as a result I am sure that the the wedding gods will bless them with much happiness and love for always:)





  • erin - May 1, 2014 - 2:52 pm

    Georgette these are fabulous, nice to see the Schoolhouse looking so classy. If you add any of them to your pinterest boards please let me know.ReplyCancel

  • Thank-you for posting these beautiful shots. - May 1, 2014 - 5:19 pm

    I’m Adam’s mother (Susan) and we loved your special touches.
    It was a beautiful wedding.ReplyCancel

Leah and Jeff Engagement | Nevada City

Leah and Jeff’s eyes sparkle when they are around each other.  I think Jeff may have been a wee bit nervous for this engagement session, but Leah’s presence so clearly puts him at ease.  Which was great, because we had a lot of fun walking around Nevada City finding cool places to take photos of these love birds.   They are so excited to be getting married this May and I am excited for them!


Bethany and Family – Maternity Photos|Folsom, CA

Do you remember Baby Nathan? Well he is a big 2 year old now and is set to be a big brother come this March.  With Bethany’s due date around the corner, I thought I should share these lovely maternity/family photos.  These were taken on a bright crisp Sunday morning in the begining of February.  Little Nathan was all smiles to my delight:) We combined family photos with the maternity session and even got Grandma and Grandpa into the fun!  Looking forward to photographing baby number 2 when she arrives!  Stay tuned…

Ocean HS Senior Portraits | Santa Cruz, CA

This gorgeous guy is my nephew Ocean and he is graduating from high school this year.  Wow, how is that possible.  I won’t go into how old it makes me feel.  He is a great kid and it was fun to do these portraits for him.  My friend and sometimes partner Marion, of Marion Charlotte Photography, joined me on this photo shoot and together we were able to capture some great photos of him on the beach and around the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  The last I heard Ocean wants to be a fire fighter.  Hope you go for it Ocean!!! xoxo

Lori + Long | Chinese Tea Ceremony Wedding

Lori and Long were married a few weeks ago in a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony.  It was an all day affair full of ritual, family, and happiness.  Lori and bridesmaids started preparations around 5 in the morning at Lori’s mom’s house.  From there they walked down the street to her Grandmother’s house for the first Tea Ceremony with Lori’s family.  However, before it could start, Long had to prove he was worthy of Lori to her ladies by successfully completing questions and riddles.  He did eventually do it:) After the first Tea Ceremony, everyone went to Long’s house for the second Tea Ceremony with and to honor Long’s family.  Lori and Long both have large families.  The wedding reception, which was held in the evening at a Chinese restaurant, welcomed and fed 500 guests.  I was totally impressed!

The highlight of the day for me was the opportunity to have a couple of hours to photograph the bride, groom and wedding party at Capital Park in Sacramento.  I so rarely get the luxury of time when doing bridal party portraits.  I think I shared a few more pictures than I normally would, but as I mentioned it was an all day affair!

Lori and Long, congratulations!  A chinese poem for you:

“Wish that you two
May you respect each other like honored guests.
May you always see heart to heart.
May fragrant flowers bloom and full moon shine over your life together.
May your joy and happiness be forevermore.”

~Author Unknown


  • Teasenz - March 17, 2014 - 7:56 am

    The teaware in those pics are amazing, what a beautiful wedding.ReplyCancel

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