My Pirate Kids & Random Thoughts & A Contest

My baby turned 3 yesterday.  I remember her birth like it just happened. It is crazy to think three years has passed.  Both Zoey and Theo love costumes and dress up.  Here they are as fearsome pirates!  Ok, well maybe just Theo, Zoey is too cute.

I tend to shy away from posting pictures of my kids on my blog.  I figure you, my client or potential client, probably isn’t so interested in my kids, no matter how cute they might be.  But I figure once in a while, well maybe I should put a little bit more of me, the personal side, into this site.  And they are such a huge part of my life.  And fundamentally, they embody the reasons that I take photographs.  I want to remember them now. At three and almost five.  I want them to remember, if they can.  All of my own early memories, say before age 5, are only those that I have a photograph to associate with.  I wouldn’t have any early memories without those photographs.

Photographs are powerful that way.  I always encourage my wedding clients to consider an engagement session before the wedding.  Why?  There are many practical reasons and I do share those with my clients, but I think more important than any practical reason is the chance, the opportunity to capture the love and affection the couple feel for one another in that early stage of love.  As much as I would like to say that that passion stays with you over the years, I really can’t truthfully say that.  I love my husband of almost 9 years now, as much as I did when we first fell in love, but it is a different kind of love.  A more mature love.  I wish I had had a professional photographer take portraits of us before we got married, so those memories would be safely tucked away.  And I want that for my clients.  To have those memories safely preserved.  And not just at the beginning (or the engagement), but all through the years and the different stages of family life.

So, on to the more random side of this blog post (although I suppose one could argue that this whole post is a bit random for me, and I wouldn’t disagree), but my facebook fan page has been stuck at just under a 100 likes for some time now.  So obviously, I need to work on my marketing :o).  But to get over this hump and to at least 100 likes…. and herein lies the contest…. I will give to my 100th fan a gift certificate to Starbucks (with a value to at least purchase a yummy carmel macchiato!)…  So who is it going to be???

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