Catie and Bob Wedding | Roth Estate, Nevada City

Catie and Bob made their family (lots of pictures of their handsome little guy Aiden below) “official” a few weeks ago when they were wed at the Roth Estate in Nevada City.  The day featured wedding details that emphasized the natural world, with lots of vibrant colors and natural elements.  Wedding colors boasted fiery oranges and deep blues and dinner was an amazing hand pressed Taco Bar buffet by Feast & Gather that was spicy, delicious and so colorful.  Tables were labeled with names of shrubs, vines or flowers, such as hops or yerba santa, and place settings were carved out of wood.  Natural elements also were part of the ceremony as friends and family passed their wedding blessings on to blue water vases as they approached the ceremony site. These wedding blessings, carried by the water, were then passed on to Catie and Bob as they took a sip during the ceremony.

The ceremony, to me, also emphasized the continuity of life.  Bob, being a very crafty guy, built an amazing wooden circular platform that served as the basis for a ceremony in the round.  The wedding party and ultimately Catie and Bob circled the platform several times at the start of the ceremony.   Catie and Bob spoke their beautiful and moving, scroll written vows to each other on the platform, turning a half circle every so often until finally completing the circle with a song that they serenaded the wedding guests with.  It was a truly amazing day!

Congratulations Catie and Bob!  One more wedding blessing for you both…

“May your joys be as bright as the morning, your years of happiness as numerous as the stars in the heavens, and your troubles but shadows that fade in the sunlight of love.”

–Old English Blessing


05_Roth_Estate_Wedding_Nevada City

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