Leah + Jeff Wedding | Grass Valley

Jeff and Leah met through a church group that went hiking often, something they both enjoy doing.  On one rainy outing, Leah had made M&M cookies to bring along as a snack.  She sent the extras home with Jeff, and when he couldn’t tell the difference between Leah’s cookies and his Mom’s cookies, Jeff decided that Leah was the girl for him 

 So naturally, the M&M cookies were the favor at Leah and Jeff’s wedding.  The wedding was held at the First Baptist Church in Grass Valley at 11 am on May 3rd.  The wedding details were a bit retro with bright daisies, polka dot dresses (which Leah made herself!) and bow ties, and a sweet italian soda bar for the guests.  I think one of the highlights of the day  for everyone was the bouquet and garter “toss.”  Leah and Jeff had all the single girls and then all the single guys duke it out via an arm wrestling contest!  Hilarious!!!  Loved it.

Congrats Leah and Jeff!  May there be much love and happiness, and many many more cookies in your life together!


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